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                The boshida route of excellence comes from the pursuit of excellence in every process

                • BSM6-12
                • HXGN-12(R)
                • HXGN17-12
                • HXGN-40.5-6

                Gather the company in real time, release the latest news from boshida electric, and welcome your attention

                About us

                Bo Shi Da group co., LTD. Is a dominated by industrial electrical products, set design, research, manufacture, sales and service in the integration of trans-regional, cross-industry large-scale economic association, department of domestic industrial electrical appliances industry one of the largest production and marketing enterprises. High voltage vacuum circuit breaker, inside and outside the vacuum load switch, sulfur hexafluoride circuit breaker, isolating switch, grounding switch, high and low voltage power distribution cabinets, and other series, the production and development of a variety of specifications of products.

                Companies pay attention to introduction and training of talents, has a group of highly skilled professional and technical personnel, at the same time introduced the internationally advanced level of production testing equipment, laid the foundation of products high quality when rich. Our company's technology...

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                Boshida is a loyal partner you can trust